Adherence to Gaian principles to create designs that take advantage of the various natural conditions at the sites, that consider the total health and comfort of the occupants, that use materials and systems that cause a minimum degree of degradation to the total environment. Includes Green Building considerations.


The Site

Develop the project to take advantage of the various natural conditions at the building site.


Select materials that:

Are not toxic or polluting.

Can be produced, installed and maintained with a minimum total energy consumption.

Will cause a minimum amount of degradation.

Are biodegradable or can be recycled.


Design systems for heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing and lighting that:

Are non-polluting, efficient, effective and easily controlled.

Use, as far as possible, renewable, natural resources - sun, wind, water, vegetation.


Create healthy spaces:

Free from natural and man-made toxins.

Free from static and electro-magnetic fields.

With optimum temperature, humidity and negative ion balance for comfort.


Enhance the well-being of occupants through:

Creating spaces with soul that will be in harmony with all who will encounter those places.

Therapeutic selections of colors and lighting.

Using placement, orientation and configurations of space to enhance flow of primal energies.


Joseph Henry Wythe -- Architect

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