Flights of Fancy
Sketches by the Architect
Joseph Henry Wythe

200 delightful, freehand
sketches of architectonic and
non-represenational designs

Delight is the function
of these fantasies. Enjoy!

A technique to quickly
develop creative imagination
with sensitivity and to get the
creative juices flowing freely.
To bring students up to speed as quickly as possible in creativity and sensitivity, I had them sketch fantasies for several sessions.
The sketches of Eric Mendelsohn magnificently expressed the power and vitality of the new industrial age, particularly in the romance of large factory and commercial buildings.
During my conversations with him,
he recommended that I carry a pad
and pencil to continually sketch
ideas.Good advice for an architect.
I have sketched for years, whenever a few moments presented themselves, the designs appearing in the margins of theater programs or agendas.


200 pages
ISBN 0-9661 909-1-2


Drawings for an Alternative Architecture
Prelude to Design



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