Drawings for an Alternative Architecture
From the folios of Joseph Henry Wythe



I will always consider each new project
a welcome challenge to reach even
greater heights in this wondrous art.

I encourage prospective students in
architecture to study everything by and
about Frank Lloyd Wright that they can
get their hands on, see and experience
as many of his works as possible, and
let no one try to brain wash out those
teachings by the Master.

Designs evolving from the spacial
requirements and developed with
creativity and sensitivity.




Organic architecture following the principles
of Bruce Goff and Frank Lloyd Wright.

More than 200 designs resulting from
investigations into new technologies
including, structural systems, energy
efficiency and Gaian principles.

With essays on Wythe's life in architecture,
his philosophy and his teaching of
creative and sensitive architecture.

Of interest to students and their mentors
considering organic architecture.

A typical comment is "I don't like modern
architecture, but I sure go for this."



372 pages

B & W
11" x 8.5"


ISBN 0-9661 909-4-7




Flights of Fancy

Prelude to Design


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