Prelude to Design
By Joseph Henry Wythe

A comprehensive checklist and workbook to elicit all information
necessary to design your new home.

The careful search for the owner's deeply felt needs and aspirations will be rewarded by the creation of a unique project that will be a delight to the unique owners and others who will encounter it.

By a gathering of all possible design information, a single, complete and satisfactory design can be prepared and presented to the clients without burdening them with the decisions based on incomplete sketches.

General Information includes:
Budget, size, quality - Each is dependent on the other two.
The site - description, zoning, deed restrictions, survey, site plan, soil types, micro-climate, orientation, etc.
The occupants - Who will use the house? Expected changes? Pets? Allergies? Handicapped?
Personal - the needs, preferences and lifestyles of those who will live there.
Outdoor considerations.
The building - levels, site relationships, preferred construction materials, desired impressions and aesthetics, space characteristics, work spaces, storage requirements and more.

Specific Room Information includes:
Living area
Dining spaces
Study, office, library
Recreation, play, family room
Master's and lady's bedroom
Wardrobe and dressing room
Other bedrooms
Rooms for projects, laundry, service, storage, shop
Vehicle parking
Requirements for animals

Technical Information includes:
Comfort conditioning
Other systems


32 pages

B & W
11" x 8.5"


$ 6.50



Drawings to an Alternative Architecture
Flights of Fancy



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